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Attention Consultants and Visionary Business Leaders: Ever feel like there's more to your financial story? Tired of one-size-fits-all "Financial Advice" that doesn't quite fit?

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With Steve's expertise, we are saving $1000s more every year - he found money that was falling through the cracks and showed us how to reduce our taxes.

Marc M.

Steve worked with our accountant to help us grow & get our money that was inside our Incorporation with no additional tax!

Mark M.

So happy to have received the referral to meet with Steve. He is such a kind and caring individual who really knows his business and then some! Very happy to finally find someone that I am fully comfortable and confident talking finances with, as well as, refer friends and clients to because I know he will always have THEIR best interests at heart!

Tammy B.

Steve is a customer focused individual to is committed to the success of those that he works with. He will help you understand what your goals and aspirations are and how you can get there.

Chris L.

Steve is passionate and knowledgeable in the world of personal finance. I have learned a great deal from him about how to evaluate investments, and he sparked my interest in taking control of and making my money work for me. He's truly a people person, which is evident when you get to know him. He cares and wants to help you in any way he can, whether its financial, professional, or even parenting advice.

Dan R.

Steve is the most honest and genuine person I've had the pleasure to work with. He is truly concerned about doing the right thing and leaving a positive legacy. Steve treats everyone he works with like family and is personally invested in helping whoever he works with become successful. I highly recommend Steve and Design Your Future Financial Services.

Peter B.

Steve is a very personable and professional financial advisor. He has the knowledge and tools necessary to help you build a personalized strategy to plan for your future. I highly recommend The Financial Engineer!

Gabriel R.

I really enjoyed the process and felt at ease right away - especially when we noticed more money in our bank accounts.

Eric L.

Steve has worked with us for years - he checks in and is only a phone call away when we need him. He's helped with more than just our finances, he's help us focus on our careers and family time.

Trevor M.

I met Steve at a networking BBQ and he mentioned investing a small amount of money with environmentally friendly and socially responsible companies. I thought it would definitely be worth exploring. What happened next changed my entire perspective about money. I really wanted to change my financial position and thought, why not give this a chance… and boy I'm glad I did. I was instantly put at ease in our initial meeting ...

Ashley U.

Steve was not there to judge me and my spending habits nor he didn't make me feel incompetent with my financial management up to that point. He only pointed out that I needed a little change in my perspective towards money. Since that meeting, my life has changed. I have more money in my bank account than ever before… and it was so easy to implement with Steve's guidance and support throughout the entire process. I highly recommend Steve"

Ashley U.


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Fall River And Area Business Association
Halifax Chamber of Commerce
Halifax Partnership
Institute of Certified Cash Fow Advisor
IBCanada Group
The Infinite Banking Concept
Qualified Financial Services
Entrepreneurs' Organization
Society of Advice (The Fellowship)
Construction Association of Nova Scotia

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Meet Steve MacLellan. He is a husband of 1 and proud father of 3. He is a recovering engineer who has evolved into a business owner obsessed with making our communities even better.

Dubbed "The Financial Engineer", Steve is the owner of Design Your Future Financial Services, author, and public speaker. Steve's journey is not just about offering financial advice; it's about enriching lives. His passion lies in empowering entrepreneurs, business leaders, and community advocates. Alongside a team of expert financial advisors, independent consultants, and wealth management specialists, Steve's vision is clear: to elevate and help those committed to making a difference.

His philosophy is simple yet profound – grow, control, and keep your wealth without compromising your current lifestyle or values. He and his team stand as allies for visionary leaders who want to make our communities even better.

Steve MacLellan, P.Eng
"The Financial Engineer"
Designer of Even Better Futures

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