Design Your Future Financial Services

Our mission is to build even better and stronger communities by offering unbiased, value based financial planning, one person at a time.

This is what we do and our alliances we formed with other professionals and top-rated firms to help accomplish this mission.

Our Alliances

Institute of Certified Cash Fow Advisor
IBCanada Group
The Infinite Banking Concept
Qualified Financial Services
Society of Advice (The Fellowship)

We recognize that each individual, family, and business needs are unique. There are 3 phases in a business and in life:

  1. The Starting Stage
  2. The Growing Stage
  3. Established Stage

Planning for business owners is very different than planning for employees. Planning for those who want to grow their income is also very different for those that want to protect their income.

To meet each phase, we have structured our programs and services to provide clarity, simplicity, and certainty. We have also taken the time to form alliances with only the best companies and experts with proven success and track records.

Investing Plans: Invest for Your Success

At Design Your Future, we are not investment managers. Being independent, we have formed relationships with carefully selected investment firms and experts to give you access to professionally managed, low fee investments so you can sleep at night and focus on what's truly important. We also believe in full transparency, another example that separates us from the crowd.

Examples of companies we have selected include:

Money Mindset and Protection Plans

Infinite Banking Concept: Become Your Own Bank

If you were unknowingly and unnecessarily losing thousands of dollars year after year after year, when would you want to know about it? And, when would you want to fix it?

This is a lifestyle where you utilize your capital for other things & still earn compound interest (the 8th wonder of the world) - tax free!

Our Most Popular Plan: The 'Design Your Future Plan'

This is for the successful that want to become even more successful. You are the driver of your financial vehicle. We are your GPS to get you to where you want to go faster and easier. Includes all of the above plans, plus your custom Design Your Future Report, financial calculators, coaching and much more.

"If your Financial Planner is not offering a commission back guarantee as part of their service, ask them "Why Not?"... or simply call The Financial Engineer." - Steve MacLellan, P.Eng

Our Guarantee